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UPDATE to this page: We are pleased to announce that CoSA has received federal funding to restore our operations nationally. This is tremendously positive news for our communities as we deal with a reality many do not want to face – convicted sex offenders return to society. With CoSA support they are far less likely to re-offend.

For more information please see the CoSA Canada website here: http://cosacanada.com/

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CBC’s Power and Politics Interview

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)is proven to reduce the risk of sexual recidivism by over 80%. We are looking for your support to re-establish CoSA in Nova Scotia. You can help by:

a. Volunteer – If you are interested in volunteering to help support the re-integration of offenders please contact our chaplain, Rev Rob Elford, anytime by email: halifaxcommunitychaplain@gmail.com

b. Donating funds – With the relatively modest amount of $50,000 per year, CoSA can operate 10 Circles. That’s 10 high-risk sex offenders who have a significantly reduced risk to re-offend. Given that the vast majority of offenders were once victims, CoSA is a strategic enabler of reducing victimization in our communities. To financially support us, please send a cheque to “Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society” Box 78, Lakeside, Nova Scotia, B3T 1M6

c. Advocacy – Issues of justice are not simply about putting the guilty in jail but involve the essence of our social, mental and spiritual fabric. We would love to begin a dialogue with you about this so that you can talk to others. Please contact us anytime for any questions about the work we do.